These are just some of the latest public transportation projects in which we’ve been involved.

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california integrated travel (2017-current)

The California State Transportation Agency (CalSTA) is leading a multi-agency initiative to research, develop and implement the California Integrated Travel Project (Cal-ITP). The initiative will enable California residents and visitors to plan and pay for travel anywhere in the state across multiple modes of public transportation including bus, metro, light and intercity rail, and paratransit, with plans to incorporate private transport such as bike and scooter share, ride-hailing services and other rapidly evolving modes.

Xentrans was retained to provide project management for the first two Cal-ITP phases between April 2017 and September 2018, conducting extensive research, authoring reports to stakeholders, developing an expert advisory committee, and  organizing and implementing the inaugural Cal-ITP conference held in Davis, CA in May 2018. Subsequently, Cal-ITP was awarded approximately $28 million in state funds to continue the project. In early 2019, Xentrans and its team of expert consultants were selected through competitive tender to provide Project Management Office (PMO) services to manage the third phase, establishing the Cal-ITP business model, relationships with California transit providers, and related pilot programs utilizing applicable technologies throughout the State.


CCJPA (2011-current)

Xentrans first worked with the Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority (CCJPA) in 2011 to provide project management and oversight for the deployment of passenger Wi-Fi on board the California Intercity Passenger Rail fleet. Xentrans is currently assisting CCJPA with the procurement and deployment of a Next-Generation Wi-Fi solution for over 190 rail cars, expected to begin service from late 2019. Services provided to CCJPA include evaluation of possible solutions; technical authoring of technical requirements and specifications in a Statement of Work; procurement assistance; and post-deployment solution support. Following a competitive tender, CCJPA awarded Xentrans a further five-year contract for Wi-Fi Oversight & Management Services in September 2019.


Bay ARea RAPid transit (2016-current)

Xentrans has been retained by BART to assist with the deployment of a wireless network solution encompassing trackside and on-board infrastructure for its system-wide Fleet of the Future rolling stock upgrade currently in progress. Services include trackside network technology evaluation; technical report and procurement documentation authoring; and project management assistance.


Caltrain (2013-CURRENT)

Xentrans has been working with Caltrain over a period of several years to define and implement a solution for on-board communications that will deliver passenger-facing and operational amenities on over 134 rail cars within the Caltrain commuter rail fleet. It is expected that the solution will leverage trackside infrastructure deployed for the CalMod electrification plan to create a high-speed, train-to-ground wireless communications system to all-new Electric Multiple Units (EMUs) due for delivery from 2020 onwards. Following a competitive tender, in October 2019 Caltrain awarded Xentrans a three-year contract for Broadband Wireless Network Design & Oversight.


Sonoma marin area rail transit (2016-2017)

SMART turned to Xentrans for the conceptual design, procurement and implementation of a passenger Wi-Fi system on board the newest commuter rail line in the United States. Using a combination of commercial cellular networks for backhaul to trains, the solution allows passengers to make the most of their commute time with free Wi-Fi between Santa Rosa and San Rafael, CA with an extension to Larkspur Landing due in 2019.


dallas area rapid transit (2017)

DART awarded a contract to Xentrans to undertake a Wi-Fi Feasibility Study following a competitive tender in March 2017. Xentrans conducted extensive technical and commercial research of Wi-Fi deployment on all modes of DART’s passenger transportation in the Dallas Fort Worth area including bus, light rail and commuter rail services. The study also included a thorough assessment of 4G LTE coverage and performance, to determine the viability of using commercial cellular data networks for connecting vehicles for passenger Wi-Fi and operational applications. The final report was delivered in December 2017 and will contribute towards DART’s service planning in the future.