Since 2010, Xentrans has been involved in the conception, procurement, implementation and support of innovative technology solutions for passenger transportation systems across the United States.

Whether for bus, light rail, commuter or intercity train services, Xentrans has been at the cutting edge of transportation technology including wireless communications for passenger amenities such as Wi-Fi and entertainment; private trackside networks; on-board digital train line (DTL), CCTV and passenger information systems; unified travel planning and electronic ticketing across public and private modes of mobility; and back office solutions for data analytics, reporting and business intelligence.

Technical and BUSINESS Services & Support

We provide an unbiased, vendor-agnostic approach to helping our customers find the right solution for their specific needs. Our expert team has a wide range of skills from market research to product design, from technical writing to project management and execution. We offer local, regional and state transportation agencies services including:

  • Business and technical discovery, and needs analysis

  • Wireless and wired network performance testing and analysis

  • Market research of appropriate technologies and vendors

  • Technical authoring of reports and Statements of Work

  • Procurement process assistance and organization

  • Project management of technical evaluations, pilots and solution implementation

  • Centralized Program Management Office (PMO) for long-term initiatives

  • Validation and verification of solutions prior to revenue service

  • Ongoing solution support, and auditing of Service Level Agreements